Friday, January 14, 2011

The Adventures Begin.....

Adventures of White T-Shirt Boy Comic Book Cover 2011

Welcome to The Adventures of White T-Shirt Boy!

Here the denizens of Sinister City rule, taking on the world at large!

Wait! Hold on! I bet you’re all thinking “What is going on here? Who is White t-Shirt Boy?”

Good questions indeed...

White T-Shirt Boy and his colourful cohorts are characters my friend Alain and I created in 1990. Being avid comic book fans, what started off as simple nicknames for our circle of friends evolved into actual comic book super-hero characters we dreamed would one day take the world by storm.

Throughout the past twenty years, White T-Shirt Boy has taken on many different forms and mediums. Alain and I originally conceived White T-Shirt Boy as a simple Sunday newspaper-style strip of light-hearted, somewhat naughty adventure. After Alain passed away in 1995, a White T-Shirt Boy script I wrote while studying TV Broadcasting at Algonquin College became a short student film that went on to be broadcast on local Rogers Ottawa Community Television in 1996. The film hit it's peak when it was shown as part of amateur night at the Making Scenes GLBT Ottawa Film Festival in 1997. Later that year I received funding from the Baton Broadcasting Development Fund to write a half-hour television pilot script entitled The Adventures of White T-Shirt Boy.

And now is the start of a new chapter for The Defender of Youthful Exuberance and his band of bawdy bandits. In the coming weeks my goal is to present a White T-Shirt Boy comic strip at least once a week. The topics of the strips may be serious in tone, or may be just simple little adventures. Taking the characters back to their comic strip origins, this blog will strive to present a commentary on current events, pop culture, politics, and GLBT issues. Other posts will be in regular blog format presenting a relevant issue/event of the day, a pop culture happening, or the secret origins behind White T-Shirt Boy. In the process I hopefully will challenge the viewer. But most of all, I hope to challenge myself. It is the world as seen through the eyes of White T-Shirt Boy and his retinue of roguish rascals. Right, wrong, indifferent, or irrelevant, this is the world the White T-Shirt Boy way!

So step now into the domain of White T-Shirt Boy, Size Queen, Liz-Girl, Cowboy Claude, and Doctor Paranoia.

Let the adventures begin.....!

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