Saturday, January 29, 2011

Who is White T-Shirt Boy?

White T-Shirt Boy


“The Defender of Youthful Exuberance”

Strange visitor from another planet? Dark avenger of the night? Royal prince from a mythical land come to save humanity from tyranny and injustice? Who is White T-Shirt Boy?

White T-Shirt Boy is in fact Brad Turner, a middle-class, over-protected, comic book loving dreamer fresh from university ready to take the world by storm! It was while looking for work at a seedy bar called The Tik-Tak Club that Brad’s life changed forever. An unintended encounter with the villainous Red Turtleneck Sweater Man and his mind-bending Hypno-Ring accidentally unleashed within Brad Turner the tee-shirt clad hero he was born to be!

Due to the effects of the Hypno-Ring, Brad Turner’s personality has been completely supplanted by that of White T-Shirt Boy, much to his parent’s horror. White T- Shirt Boy’s sole motivation is to be a super-hero. Thus even the most mundane situation catapults Brad and friends into wild new adventures. The ring has further unlocked Brad’s mind, giving him increased speed, agility, and strength, as befitting his new super-hero persona. It is also possible the ring has slowed down the aging process, making White T-Shirt Boy the ultimate, eternal twink. Unbeknownst to him, White T-Shirt Boy’s ultimate weakness is what gives him his power. If the effects of the Hypno-Ring are ever reversed, White T-Shirt Boy will revert back to plain Brad Turner.

White T-Shirt Boy’s base of operations is the Tik-Tak Club. There he serves as the coat-check boy while pursuing his quest for justice. Thus the club has become a Mecca for villains in the hopes of defeating Sinister City’s new hero. At the end of the day White T-Shirt Boy still lives with his parents. Though the Turners spend their time devising ways to get their son Brad back to normal, they are slowly resigning themselves to the fact that White T-Shirt Boy is here to stay! 

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