Monday, January 31, 2011

Who is Cowboy Claude?

Cowboy Claude


“The Manic Compulsive Cow Poke”

Born into poverty in rural Quebec, Canada, young Claude Hubert longed for the good life in the big city. Upon his mother’s death the eighteen year old Claude vowed to make his dream a reality. Working his way through school as a bartender, Claude scraped together enough money to leave his small town and head to Sinister City.

Of course, dreams never turn out as we would like. Upon his arrival, Claude soon discovered how like a fish out of water he was. Unable to speak English well and with very little money, his future looked grim. Wandering aimlessly, Claude eventually ended up in the Tik Tak Club.

Taking pity on him, club owner Size Queen set Claude up as a bartender and helped him find a place to live. Claude quickly learned English by becoming an avid television watcher. Reruns of ‘Bonanza’ being his favorite program, Claude’s appearance began to affect a strong cowboy influence. Eventually all traces of his French accent gave way to a strong southern drawl. In times of stress though, and there are many, his French accent slips.

Indebted to Size Queen, Cowboy Claude desperately tries to please his boss like a little lost puppy. This usually leads to disastrous results for both. Claude’s compulsive personality comes into the fore whenever confronted with a new trend or style. His one vice is smoking, which he is constantly trying to quit. Claude is secretly in love with the club’s go-go dancer Liz-Girl, a love that so far has gone unrequited. None the less, Cowboy Claude remains ever vigil, ready to help his comrades whenever the need arises. 

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