Sunday, January 30, 2011

Who is Size Queen?

Size Queen


“The Colossal Cross-Dresser”

International celebrity. Bonvivant. Respected business person. These are but some of the ways Size Queen would describe himself. In reality Size Queen is the owner of the Tik-Tak Club, a seedy little dance bar on the wrong side of the tracks. A cross-dresser of colossal proportions, Size Queen nonetheless hasn’t given up on his dreams of fame and stardom.

Young Dino O’Rourke’s dreams were first briefly realized the fateful day he was discovered by the eccentric fashion designer Red Turtleneck Sweater Man. Becoming the designer’s personal assistant, the world was Dino’s playground, until he uncovered his new employer was secretly an international criminal! Fleeing for his life, Dino spent the next ten years evading the wily villain by adopting the flamboyant persona of Size Queen. Dino eventually stopped running and went into hiding in Sinister City. Using the last of his money to buy the Tik-Tak Club, Size Queen settled down to a life of mediocrity far from the world of the glitterati he once craved to be a part of. 

Over the years Dino has completely lost himself in the flamboyant facade of Size Queen. Vain, shallow and overly dramatic, Size Queen rules the Tik-Tak Club with an iron fist. But under the bluster is a heart of gold. Occasionally the ‘mother’ in him does come out, especially when it comes to protecting his new coat-check boy Brad Turner, a.k.a. White T-Shirt Boy. Size Queen sees the coming of White T- Shirt Boy as the perfect way of recapturing his former glory. Even if that newfound glory means discovery by a certain red turtleneck clad former employer!

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