Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Who is Liz-Girl?



“The Protector of All Womanhood”

Lizabeth Connor is the daughter to one of Sinister City’s wealthiest socialites. Born in the lap of luxury, Lizabeth grew up very much the spoiled "Daddy’s girl." Yet it was a lonely life for the shy, timid little girl due to her parent’s constant absence jet-setting all over the world.

It was just after one of her parent’s trips abroad that eighteen year old Lizabeth first encountered the blood red Ruby of Mogok. As her father revealed his new treasure to Lizabeth, the blood-red gem shimmering in the light, the young woman’s insecurities and fears seemed to melt away while her father spun tales of exotic pagan queens revelling in the power the ruby was said to possess.
Her parents soon noticed a drastic, unexplainable change in their daughter. Lizabeth’s shy and timid manner gave way to a new, strong willed, independent disposition. For hours Lizabeth would stare at the glittering ruby, until one night a thief in a red turtleneck sweater broke into the Conner home and stole the ancient bauble, never to be recovered. By then the change in Lizabeth was complete. Ready to test her new independence, Lizabeth left her parent’s home to pursue her dream to be a dancer.

By day Lizabeth is a student at the Sinister City School of Dance. By night she is the Tik-Tak Club’s sultry go-go dancer Liz-Girl! 

Due to the effects of the ruby, Liz-Girl is perhaps the most dedicated and effective ally in White T- Shirt Boy’s war on crime. Like White T-Shirt Boy, the ruby has increased Liz-Girl’s strength, speed and agility. But while White T-Shirt Boy’s sole purpose is to be a super-hero, for Liz-Girl it is an all encompassing focus on the power and strength of woman. This unwavering mindset has manifested within the heroine an overwhelming obsession with her bosom, a symbol of her female power. Thus “The Girls” have become Liz-Girl’s staunchest allies and confidants. It is possible the power of the ruby has tapped further into Lizabeth’s mind than she is aware. What the results will ultimately be for Liz-Girl remains to be seen! 

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