Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bring on the Bad Guys!


The coming of White T-Shirt Boy has not been without consequence. As White T-Shirt Boy pursues his mission to be a super-hero, many wish to stop the youthful crime-buster by any means possible. Be it from the highest municipal office, or down on the mean streets of Sinister City, watch out White T-Shirt Boy! Here come the villains!



Once a celebrated fashion designer, Red Turtleneck Sweater Man ultimately gave in to his impulses to become the greatest criminal genius the world has ever known! 

As befitting a genius, Red Turtleneck Sweater Man has given up commiting his crimes himself. This he now leaves to his Red Turtleneck Gang. A master of hypnotism, the villain recruits young men into his gang through the use of a large ring, the centerpiece none other than the mystic Ruby of Mogok. Unwittingly it is the ruby that unleashed the White T- Shirt Boy persona within Brad Turner when Red Turtleneck Sweater Man attempted to draft Brad into his gang. Red Turtleneck Sweater Man is oblivious to the fact that he created his own worst enemy.

An imposing, mid-forties man always clad in a scarlet turtleneck, Red Turtleneck Sweater Man’s sole companion is a rust-coloured cat named Dodger. Together they stand against the world to crush White T- Shirt Boy.


A stunning woman in her early forties, Little Tiffany is the all powerful Mayor of Sinister City. Corrupt as she is beautiful, the villainess secretly has a hand in every dirty scheme whether it’s politics, gangs or petty street crime. This is information Tiffany never wants revealed. Along with her faithful aide Binky and bodyguard Tattoo Dan, the wily Mayor vows to end White T- Shirt Boy’s heroic crusade before he can destroy her. 


Behind every great mayor stands at least one fiercely loyal person, and for Mayor Little Tiffany that man is her personal assistant Binky. Slight of frame, bespectacled, silent and unimposing, don’t be fooled by Binky’s demure nature. Of all Tiffany’s employees Binky knows where the bodies are buried, because he buried most of them himself. A shadow behind the mayor he adores, Binky is always ready with the telephone, a drink, a gun, or a can of hairspray to preserve Madame Mayor’s coif. 



A behemoth of hulking proportions, Tattoo Dan is the inked muscle sworn to protect Mayor Little Tiffany. Dan’s loyalty to the mayor does sometimes come into conflict with his on again, off again romantic relationship with the heroine Liz-Girl. His one true weakness is his foot fetish, a fact the perfectly arched feet of Little Tiffany are more than happy to exploit.



Austrian born Hansel is the iron-fisted leader of the non-denominational mega-church Family Spirit-Time Ministries. For Hansel, the self-proclaimed “protector” of family values, it’s not about saving lost souls, but about power. The power to control the base prejudices and bigotry of the people has made Hansel a very wealthy man. Perceiving the coming of the free-spirited White T-Shirt Boy as a possible threat to his power, Hansel has vowed to stop the young hero, even if he has to destroy White T-Shirt Boy to do it.



Who is Black T-Shirt Guy? Is he a hero or is he a villain? Nothing but mystery surrounds this dark-garbed figure. An expert cat-burglar, Black T-Shirt Guy enjoys the thrill of the game more than the spoils. Rumor has it he steals only from the criminal elite of Sinister City, dividing his ill-gotten gains amongst the poor and downtrodden. A favourite target is the criminal Red Turtleneck Sweater Man and his cache of fabulous gems. Does this suggest the two have a shared past? Possibly, but Black T-Shirt Guy isn’t telling.

Criminal or anti-hero, Black T-Shirt Guy’s exploits have put him under the scrutiny of White T-Shirt Boy. Their game of cat and mouse keeps both on their toes. The hunt and the chase exhilarates Black t-Shirt Guy in ways he didn’t think possible. As to who is pursuing who, remains to be seen. 

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