Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Who is Doctor Paranoia?

Doctor Paranoia



Very little is known of the origins of the enigmatic Doctor Paranoia. And that is the way he likes it. Rumours swirl that he is the product of a broken home, his father having left before his first Birthday due to a possible criminal career. This left a small, introverted boy alone to fend for himself growing up on the harsh streets of Sinister City. 

If rumour is to be believed, this boy battled the odds, working his body into herculean proportions, while disguising himself with a leather-clad persona meant to keep people away. What IS known is that Doctor Paranoia was hired by Size Queen to be the Tik-Tak Club’s resident DJ, driving the club’s patron’s into a dancing, writhing frenzy with every spin of the turntable.

By his nature Doctor Paranoia stands aloof from White T- Shirt Boy and the rest of the gang. Behind his threatening exterior is a shy little boy not sure how to interact with other people. At the same time he is very loyal and dependable with those that he trusts. Whenever called upon, Doctor Paranoia is there to be the muscle behind all of White T- Shirt Boy’s new adventures.

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