Friday, February 4, 2011

A Supporting Cast of Characters


Behind every hero stands family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances. While some want nothing but the best for the hero, others decidedly have agendas of their own.



Richard and Deborah Turner have only wanted the best for their only son Brad. With pride they watched their little boy grow up to be an upstanding young man. The day Richard and Deborah sent Brad off into the world to look for work, little did they know their lives would never be the same again. 

After a long day managing the family real estate business, Richard Turner enjoys nothing more than the peace and quiet of his large, middle-class home. While pleased that his son finally showed some initiative in finding a job, the last thing Richard ever expected was for Brad to become a super-hero.

Deborah Turner has totally engrossed herself in her family and her home. Fiercely overprotective of her son, Deborah will stop at nothing to shake him out of his White T- Shirt Boy fantasy.



Sinister City’s rakishly handsome new Police Captain doesn’t like super-heroes. For him they interfere with real police work. Unfortunately White T-Shirt boy’s popularity with the public as a crack crime buster has put the police captain in the crosshairs of his superiors. A reluctant ally at best, Captain Sanchez lives for the day White T-Shirt Boy’s career comes to an end.  


Ace television correspondent for SINN (Sinister City International News Network), Tarina Sparkle shapes the views of Sinister City with her hard-hitting, take no prisoners reporting. The story that fascinates her presently is the phenomenon of White T-Shirt Boy. Pushing all else aside, Tarina is determined to uncover the secrets behind the hero. The one question she may never answer is what her secret connection is to White T-Shirt Boy?



A cage fighter by day, the no nonsense bouncer of the Tik-Tak Club by night, Tabitha’s presence looms large as the gatekeeper to White T-Shirt Boy’s world. No one yet has beaten Tabitha in a fight. Even her boss Size Queen stays out of her way. A woman of few words, her thoughts on our heroes are a mystery unto herself.



Hired by Brad’s parents to cure him of White T-shirt Boy, Dr. Tina Ramone has her work cut out for her. Sensitive, beautiful and intelligent all describe this world renowned psychologist. Though trying to bring Brad back, Doctor Ramone’s task is complicated by a grudging admiration for White T- Shirt Boy’s heroic ideals.

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